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Ninja Alex | On the Mission to Wipe Out Blood Cancer



Ninja Alex was started by Alexandra Benitez after being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma stage IIB and Non-Hodgkins Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma at the age of 22. Alex realized what she had gone through was fate and was to make her story heard, So Ninja Alex was born a non-profit organization dedicated to spread awareness of blood cancers by having year round fundraising events to benefit local research hospitals and organizations to find a more invigorating way to treat and cure cancer.

Ninja Alex connects with fighters and survivors along the way to make cancer a little less scarier by inspiring others with her story.

Throughout the course of treatment, I have undergone a series of struggles and hardships. I am grateful for them all, and can truly say that I have learned a great deal. It is through my own experiences and those of the others I have had the pleasure of meeting throughout my journey that I have come to realize that my purpose is greater than just getting better. Immediately, after sharing my story to the public, I received an incredible amount of support from family, friends and strangers alike.

My social media platform lead to re-posts, shares and donations! The response was more than I could have ever hoped for, and it inspired me to take my current situation as a patient, and turn it into something positive, empowering and educational. I lived a healthy life-style, and it was most difficult to accept that someone like me, so young and so “healthy” was sick. Cancer does not discriminate; it can happen to anyone.

Ultimately, I want people to know more about blood cancer. Which leads me to my biggest of efforts: Ninja Alex. It is what I call myself and what I will call the movement to raise awareness and money for the research of Lymphoma Cancer. Before my diagnosis, I knew nothing of Lymphoma, however, I did know that October was breast cancer awareness month and I am sure I was amongst the millions of people that are still unaware that September is Lymphoma awareness month; everyone should know that!

Ninja Alex is the difference we need, it is a movement and it is inspiring. I believe in her so much, I can only hope that you will too.

Ninja Alex will ultimately help millions of people on a global perspective raising awareness of this illness. Ninja Alex will be a monumental cause.






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Never lose faith; a miracle always happens when you are about to give up.
God bless, love and light & thank you for the support!